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Airport Curbside Policy
Please remember the
1st phone call:
Please call when your
plane lands
before you exit the plane.
2nd phone call:
Please call when you are outside
the main exit doors by the curbside
Find the nearest
zone sign
right at the curb & call us
San Diego Airport Zone Signs By the Curb
"after your 2nd phone call
Your driver will pull up to you"
All tolls and parking
fees are additional
20% gratuity
will be added to all reservations
Additional waiting time charges if any
will apply by the minute
For services
*Up to 4 passengers
can ride for the same rate
in a SEDAN
From the same
party and address
reserves the right to charge for time spent other than the normal Point A to Point B Services before and or after the services have been rendered at the rate of $80.00 an hour plus 20% gratuity
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